What's this "Holy Hotness" all about?

I love to write.  That doesn't mean it's an effortless pursuit for me but there's just something magical about translating thoughts, ideas, inspirations and questions into words that can captivate one's interest.  That having been said...

Meditating on this Christian life occupies a lot of my mind's traffic and I have decided to take [and share] good notes while on this journey.  In the last 7-8 years, I've kept a journal of writings that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and have been very therapeutic for me.  In an effort to share with and help others, this blog is my contribution to mainly sisters in Christ--but I'm an equal-opportunity blogger so everything won't be girlie-girlie.

My hope is to touch on topics of daily life that everyone can relate to when a spiritual boost is needed every now and then, or just some clean, quirky entertainment. Whatever I write will be my explicit opinion--unless otherwise indicated--and I make no apologies for it. However, the Word of God will be incorporated in most of my content and scripture references will always be provided when mention is made of the Bible. Debate is always welcome but disrespect will get shut down.

But before you peg me as being 'super spiritual', just know that I'll be talking about 'regular' stuff, regularly.  Yes, Christians talk/think/write about things other than Jesus... imagine that!  So in addition to the Holy Hotness, I'll be sharing my thoughts on music, movies, food--I am such a foodie, disdain for poliTRICKS, natural hair, world news and everything else under the sun. And consider yourself warned: I have a penchant for sarcasm AND randomosity (if that's even a word).

Enjoy and be blessed!