Sunday, May 29, 2011

"All the Single Ladies" (part deux)

Sooooo, for some strange reason, I'm going hard on this poetry/spoken word vibe at the moment. I've written only two pieces in my lifetime and performed just one of them, but I can definitely appreciate creating AND enjoying a lyrical masterpiece. 

For the last year or two, I've been following P4CM--the Passion for Christ Movement--out of California, and their spoken word ministers are OFF... THE... CHAIN!  I stumbled Tumbl'd upon this piece right here and I think that by the time it was done, I had to manually close my mouth.  This chick spoke directly to me as if she knew where I lived and had the spare key to my car! It's directed towards the multitude of us single, saved sistaz--Lord knows it's hard out here for a virtuous chick.

With no further ado, I give you Janette...ikz performing I Will Wait for You:

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