Sunday, May 22, 2011

Belated birthday thankfulness

My birthday is this month. As a gift to myself, I told myself that I would start a 'journal of thanks'. It would be a running chronicle of every blessing that I am thankful for; most likely there would be some back-dated entries to cover past major blessings. It's been almost a week and I have yet to crack the cover of the journal to write a word... but today I started a blog instead. Go figure.

My birthday was fairly quiet. No big bash or anything like that. But my mother did surprise me--she got me real good! She and I were supposed to go out for breakfast because I took the day off, but she somehow got a few others take time from work to make it.  I was sincerely shocked--and thankful--by the gesture.

So had I actually created my journal of thanks as I originally planned to, this would definitely have been the first entry. It's not the first time my mom has done a birthday surprise for me, but I asked her to make it the last. Not because I didn't appreciate her efforts--Lord knows I did--but because I truly intended to have a 'mellow' birthday.

Two years prior, I had a birthday dinner with 4 of my 6 closest friends and we had a blast. But things have now come to the point where I have been separated, geographically or emotionally, from almost everyone in that circle. It sucks, really, but I'm thinking that's all part of "the process" that God has for me. Why? Does God want His children to be anti-social? I don't think so. But as I've been pondering how others in the Bible have been "processed", a pattern definitely emerges in the form of a season of isolation.

Wow... I really didn't plan to delve into "the process" just yet as I'm still finishing that write-up in the cut. But I guess that's the magic of blogging. Have no fear--I hate suspense so I won't keep you in it either. My post on the process will be next up.

Stay blessed!

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