Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Movie Reviews: Jumping the Broom

I went to see this on my birthday and it made for a pleasant end to my big day. Jumping the Broom was a decent flick--that's my official review.

Granted that Tyler Perry has been dominating the Black movie genre for the last couple of years, it was refreshing to NOT see Madea on the screen. However, there were some parts where I felt that I could have been very well watching a TP production. I'll just chalk it up to "Black stereotypes" that are portrayed on film, no matter who's writing the script. In this case, though, Bishop T.D. Jakes was responsible for Jumping the Broom, and makes an appearance as *wait for it* a minister.

The storyline is solid but some characters could've used more development. Like [Li'l] Romeo's infatuation with Tasha Smith... I'm still tryna figure out what that was about.
Loretta Devine continues in her 'trademark' caricature that she seems to have been stuck in since Waiting to Exhale. But Angela Bassett is definitely back in the spotlight where she belongs, and delivers a quality performance. And Laz Alonso *rawr* has definitely come a LONG way since starting out on BET's Top 5 Countdown. Oh yes, and Gary Dourdan is baaaaack (where was he since CSI, anyways??)

So I would say, yeah--go see it. It's a nice family movie.

Stay blessed

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