Friday, August 26, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Lo Que Traigo es Flow

¡Feliz viernes! *¡¡¡¡weeepaaaaa!!!* ¡Es para todas las Boriquas! :o)

No, I surely don't speak Spanish, but I can muddle my way through enough to scrape by--besides, that's what Google's translation tools are there for! But I'm venturing over to the Latino side to celebrate my return to Zumba earlier this week. I felt like a million bucks after the workout.... then I had to call in sick the next day (on top of  being outta shape, I had the beginning stages of a cold--brilliant idea to push myself, right?!)

Anyway, the heartbeat of Zumba is Latin music, and there's plenty of reggaeton in our workout lineup. Don't tell me you can listen to this and keep still... you might need to check for a pulse! And then there's the switch-up at 1:30... *squealing with hands in the air* BIG CHUNE!!! This one is by a Christian artist named Funky and I'm flingin' dis chune in honor of my island neighbor to the west, Puerto Rico, after getting flooded out by Tropical Storm Irene this week. The Google translation of the title, Lo Que Traigo es Flow, is kinda awkward, so I'm guessing that is actually means "I bring the flow", or sumthin like that... Spanish speakers, let me know if I'm even kinda close! LOL

Dios te bendiga,


  1. Christian reggaeton(reggaeton de Christo?) Muy interesante :).

  2. Yessss, girl--ain't it hot?!! I can only understand a couple of words/phrases, but it makes my heart smile to know that I'm getting krunk for Christ when I listen to this chune!