Monday, October 31, 2011

right thing + wrong reason = ???

Always do what's right... that's a given, right?  Even if it's for the wrong reasons, right(?) That may sound straightforward enough, but every rule has exceptions or a loophole...doesn't it?

As I type this, I'm thinking of a specific situation. I'm telling myself that I'm trying to help... my heart is in the right place... I'm looking out for this person's best interest.  But when I get really honest with myself and look to my true--ulterior--motive, it gets real.  I realize how truly manipulative and selfish I can really be, and that's the part that scares me. 

So lemme throw this out there: does the end always justify the means?  Can we be at peace with ourselves--and God--knowing that our (in)action is not genuine? Or what about the other way around: doing the wrong thing for the right reason? I'm just curious to know where people stand on this. In case this topic is a bit far-removed, here are some examples to get your moral juices flowing:

Scenario 1: Wrong thing, Right reason
A church is having a fundraiser and the congregation is split into groups for friendly competition. The leader of one group decides to rip and burn CDs of praise and worship songs and sell them to the congregation with the money going towards the church pot. Should Federal piracy laws get thrown out the window because its being done for Jesus?

Scenario 2: Right thing, Wrong reason
A Christian woman has a male friend who is unsaved. She lets him know that she's praying for him to change his life--which she is actually doing--and puts him on to some Christian media to point him in the right direction. She truly does want this man to get saved... because she's convinced that she's supposed to marry him, and the only way she can do that--and remain true to God's word--is if he becomes a Christian. Does it matter that she's checking for him, once her efforts help to win a soul for the kingdom?


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