Friday, February 03, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Unleashed

Happy Friday!!  Maybe one day I won't be so happy for my work week to end... until such time, TGIF--and then some! :o) 

This week wasn't terribly bad, but I did suffer from pangs of worry throughout. My car has been psychotic since December and I've been taking it--sometimes towing it--around to different mechanics in hopes of minimal damage (to my wallet)... only to be told this week that a new transmission is needed.  God help me!!!

Welp!  I won't burden you with that any further.  Time for some BIG CHUNE!!

This week, I'm sharing a song that jumped right at me from the first couple of bars--gotta praise the Lord for Pandora!  While listening to my Ayiesha Woods station, this one track had a funky guitar intro... so much so that I hit the 'thumbs-up' before the 1:00 mark.  By the time it was over, I had already looked up the artist to find out where Warren Barfield had been all my life!  

I discovered that he was the artist of the theme song for Fireproof--a movie which I absolutely adore--named Love is not a Fight.  Apparently, that mellow style is mostly his modus operandi but lemme tell ya, I just love today's chune: Unleashed.

True to the title, it's like homeboy searched within the recesses of his soul and unleashed his inner... well, SOUL! LOL  Compared to the rest of his repertoire, this song makes me think that I'm listening to Harry Connick, Jr. after a couple shots of holy crunk juice--white boy put some STANK on it!

OK, so I've hyped it up enough, right? :o)  Here ya go--Unleashed!


  1. Everytime I read one of these posts I think.. man I really need to up my music game. Thanks for sharing :)

    I feel you on the rough week. I had a doozie myself. I'm just trying to let go and let God.

    Take Care

  2. Y'all keep me on my toes tryna find a new chune every week! :o) As always, you're more than welcome.

    So after a rough week for both of us, I'm praying that tomorrow starts off on a positive note. Be blessed!