Friday, May 27, 2011

"Fling Chune" Fridaaaaaaaaay! - Stand By Me

Happy Friday, er'rybody! No doubt, this is the most loved day of the week--unless you have to work weekends (sorry about that)--and I think it deserves its own celebration.  What's a celebration without music?! *WACK* That's what!  So in honor of this most auspicious day, I'm gonna start up "Fling Chune Fridays". Each week, I'll feature a song that I'm feelin' on that particular day. And consider yourself warned: my taste in music is eclectic with an international flair! You'll be getting everything from gospel reggae, to bhangra, to flamenco guitar... and then some.

Side bar: For those tryna figure out what the heck I'm talkin' bout when I say "fling chune", it's Caribbean-speak for  hit that track or play my song. To take this Caribbean Linguistics 101 lesson just a tad further: fling - throw; chune - tune, song, track. Now take what you just learned and go impress your Jamaican friends. (You know I'm being facetious cuz I still get pissed when people hear me talk and peg me for Jamaican; of course, no offense to deh Yaardies out there).

Now that everybody's up to speed, let's kick off the first Fling Chune Friday with Stand by Me--by Caribbean gospel music artist, Emrand Henry! Hail up all St. Lucia massive cuz your native son got me here doing the holy bounce!!

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