Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When the music hits you…

*Originally composed on September 20th, 2008 *

I am in such a funky mood right now. *sigh* It happens every now and again that something makes me slip into a melancholy haze. Strangely enough, all it takes is just the right song to help me get my swagger back. A little while ago, Love Him Like I Do (Deitrick Haddon, Mary Mary, and Ruben Studdard) came on the radio. Before the intro was even done, my fingers were snapping, my head was bobbing and I was singing along like nothing happened. People, take it from me—don't sleep on the power of music.

Singing praise and worship songs in church serve to invite the Holy Spirit into the house—it's not just to fill the order of service. On the flip side, music is now the gateway to damnation for many: spiritually-suicidal lyrics masked by phat tracks and hot beats. "I'm not into the words, I just like the beat" is a lie straight from the depths of hell! When you "just can't get a song out of your head", there's a reason. 

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue" [Proverbs 18:21], and the lyrics of music that we internalize are equally potent.  Listening to music in the physical realm sets off motion in the supernatural realm with power similar to the words that we spit out of our mouths. We need to keep our minds (and ears) on spiritual things—whatever is pure, honest, admirable… [Philippians 4:8] Guarding our 'ear gates' by opting for sanctified music ensures that God's Word is hidden in our hearts so we won't sin against Him [Psalm 119:11]. 

As the Bob Marley song goes "When [dancehall] music hits you, ya feel no pain"; but I beg to differ.  Every song that crosses our ears has a deep impact—what we "feel" from it is determined by the message in the music!  

Whoa... This must have been sitting heavily on my heart, because I never set out to write so much. But I'm only sharing this revelation cuz I'm looking out for you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. That's what we gotta do, right? :o) Stay blessed, everybody!


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