Friday, July 08, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Sun is Shining

Happy FRIDAY to one and all! Even though this week was a short one due to holidays on Monday and Tuesday--Hallelujah!--Fridays will ALWAYS be welcomed. :o)

It's raining like I don't know what today and that doesn't exactly encourage activity on my part. So I'm normally a green tea kinda gyal, but I went out of my way to get some "liquid sunshine" [i.e. coffee] this morning to counteract the weather. Plus, I did NOT sleep well last night so I needed some sort of intervention if I was going to be any kinda productive at work.

To help the caffeine pulsing through my system, I figured a musical pick-me-up would also be in order. The perfect chune to fling today is none other than brudda Bob Marley's Sun is Shining. But wait... it's the *gasp* techno reeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiix! Looks like I'm gonna get my momentum going, after all.

Have a blessed weekend!

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