Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Boasting

TGIF--> Today God is First!! (Had to jack that from a friend on Facebook!) Hope everyone had a blessed week. Mine got off to a rather crappy start having to deal with people at work who insist on having their own way... *sigh* Things are only going to get more hectic for the next several weeks and I can already feel the stress cloud descending upon me. But I've been forced to check myself and thank God for my job when so many are desperate for work and money. Also, while asking my Mom to pray for me, she reminded me about "the process" and that this drama is obviously part of mine... so I need to just praise my way through and learn whatever lessons God is trying to teach me. (Gotta luv Mama!)

One of the ways I always relieve stress is through music so I definitely spent some quality time with headphones on this past week. Thanks to the awesomeness that is Pandora, I had a musical ecstasy moment when I heard this chune right heeah: Boasting by Lecrae, featuring Anthony Evans.

The lyrics are mind-blowing enough on their own--and I've come to expect nothing less from Lecrae--but Anthony Evans' vocals dip and roll forcefully over his acoustic guitar. Ooooh! Just got goosebumps! I'll just have you know that I was instantly mesmerized on the first go-round. [can ya tell?] It doesn't happen often but when it does, I just sit there... in suspended animation... taking the song in with my undivided attention. I suggest you do the same!

Have a great weekend as you BOAST in the Lord!


  1. Nice chune:) Thanks for sharing.
    Try not to take them on at work. Just breathe and keep it moving.

  2. You know you're welcome! :o) And about work--it's just a season of stress that comes and goes along with certain timelines. But the encouragement is always appreciated. Stay blessed!