Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Movie Reviews: The Help

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I have to give this movie thumbs--and toes--all the way up!  Unfortunately, I didn't read the book [yet] *hangs head in shame* but if this is any indicator, it must be a real page-turner.

If you know anything about the racism of the "Jim Crow" South, that sets the backdrop of the movie. It takes place in the '60s, amidst civil rights activism and related assassinations.  Black women could only find work as housekeepers in white homes and were subject to all sorts of harrowing experiences; all while being entrusted with the care of their children. Talk about a cruel irony, eh?

There were a couple of scenes that tripped my emotions but one in particular definitely sent me over the edge. *SPOILER ALERT* One maid was arrested and subject to brute force in the process. Up until that point, only 2 maids were willing to be interviewed about their experiences but that event drove the lot of them to step forward in order to get the book published. About 15-20 maids were waiting for Skeeter, the white, female author of the composite stories, in one of their homes with sullen looks on their faces. That scene literally took my breath away because--for me, as a black woman--that moment represented the unspeakable things that my ancestors endured so that I could enjoy the freedoms that I do today. It may sound cheesy but I kid you not; silent tears flooded down my face as I thought of the deferred dreams that now rest on my shoulders.

I'll stop there in an attempt to not get too emotional, but I can assure you that there were also plenty of laughs... one in particular was quite 'dirty'. You'll get that one when you watch the movie! ;o) So what are you waiting for?? Help yourself to The Help!

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