Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Temptation

Happy Friday [in advance]--I'm definitely getting it in early this time!

This chune is timely because, as of late, the general struggle with temptation seems to be in the air.  I've vented on it already and I've seen some others online mention it, too. So this one is going out to all of us that need a spiritual boost in that area.

Temptation, by Shei Atkins--the self-dubbed "Ghetto Princess"--is the second track I ever heard by her waaaaaay back in the day while I was in college, and it was like an instant punch to the gut.  There are those gospel music artists who say they keep it real... and then there are those who actually do. Shei brings it raw--listen in at 1:32; you'll know what's up--because that's exactly how most of our emotions and experiences feel when we're going through our struggles that we think nobody else understands. For me, this song sparked an instant reaction of, "Did she really say that?!! But for real though... that sounds just about right."

I guess by now I've hyped it enough so with no further ado, lemme fling some Temptation at yuh.


  1. You can't have none of me no more would be a good slogan for a t-shirt:)

  2. LOL Girl, that would be hawt! I guess the closest thing to that out right now is the "ex-FORNICATOR" from the Passion 4 Christ Movement .