Friday, September 02, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Waka Waka

I know, I know--deh chune flingin' late today! My sincere apologies for the delay... it's been quite a day (and quite a week). But I hope that all of you had a great Friday!

Today's chune is a nod towards some travel plans that I hope to make a reality in the near future. This week I started making steps towards the possibility of going [back] to the Motherland next year... SOUTH AFRICA, here I come!! :o) So to celebrate my hopes of getting another stamp in my passport, here's the "anthem" of the most recent World Cup (hosted for the first time in Africa): Waka Waka!


  1. Me too!! Even though Shakira isn't [South] African, the entire video--from start to end--excites the [diluted] African in me! LOL Can I tell you that I squealed with delight when my Zumba instructor included this song in our routine?!! I'm always about to pass out after we do it in class because I insist on singing while working out to the song. :oP

  2. how funny. they played this song in my spinning class this past sunday. i usually love the world cup songs. i think my favorite is the ricky martin cup of life. that was my jam. we go ale ale ale..go, go, go ale ale ale....
    couldn't tell me nothing when i was on the treadmill listening to that one :)

  3. "Do you really want it?!!" Das a big chune! LOL

    Wow, I didn't realize that was a World Cup song. Then again, I just got interested in the event recently (the Cup before South Africa).