Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's the little things...

I was early for my Zumba class so I decided to sit in my car for a while and listen to the radio. As happens more often than I care to admit, my mind eventually started to wander. It decided to settle on a long-time gripe I have going on with God: my cruel and unusual, seemingly perpetual state of singleness. I won't make you suffer through my barrage of thoughts and words to God but the crux of it today was that I felt invisible to the opposite sex. Emotionally, my existence amounts to the process of petrification... no, seriously--I feel cold and hard, as if I am slowly turning to stone.

So I was pleading with talking to God about this--of course, anyone looking into my car would swear that I was having a bonafide conversation with the voices in my head--when I told Him something to the effect of "God, throw me a bone, here! If my soulmate isn't ready to appear right now, at least some positive [as in non-relationship] testosterone in my life would be greatly appreciated!" 

I'm sure I had a lot more to ask and to say, but I decided to just give it up and head inside the gym. I still had plenty of time before class so I was walking deliberately slowly up the stairs and towards the front door. Approaching the entrance from the opposite direction was a uniformed National Guardsman, and I couldn't help but notice that he was tall, attractive and had a nice physique. *eye candy proximity alert* If I was walking at a normal pace, we would have hit the door at the same time, and I didn't feel like finding out which one of us was supposed to walk through the door first. Nowadays, if guys are in a good mood they might kick the door back open after they pass through. Whatever... But Mister Military Man decided to defend my honor [sorry for the cheesy reference; couldn't help it] by opening the door and holding it open until I made my way through it!  It took me a couple of seconds to process his gesture (since it hadn't happened in a while) before I smiled and thanked him.

WHAT just happened here?!? I'll tell you what happened. As trivial as that moment in time may seem now, I thanked God as I walked to the locker room--for hearing and answering my rant in the car prayer. To be treated like a lady by a gentleman is something that I revel in, but it shouldn't catch me--or any other female--off guard. Not having any meaningful interaction with guys in such a long time just added to my appreciation of that single instant... God knew that I needed that boost SO badly just then and He made it happen just for me.

Thank you Lord, for reminding me that you still care.


P.S. As if it were a prophetic event, Waka Waka was in the Zumba lineup tonight! Things like this may be random, but they happened all the time when I was preparing to go to Ghana--and that trip was off the chain!--so I pray that this is a good sign.

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