Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Open My Heart

Happy Friday, errybody--hope it was a blessed one for ya! Mine was tough, even though it was 'short', but I praise God that it's just about over. Now I'm staring down the barrel of a direct hit from Tropical Storm Maria *fun... NOT* but God is still good!

This week, and long before, I've been pondering my relationship with my 'physical' father and how that has impacted my interactions with my Heavenly father, as well as men in general. Maybe one day I'll get into the long story but for now, I can easily say that I have essentially no emotional connection with my father. That has led to trust issues on my part and I've been struggling with trusting God--and people--for as long as I can remember. But this week's chune reminds me of exactly what I need to do in order to move forward in my relationship with God: Open My Heart.

I remember the exact moment that I heard this song for the first time: it was the year 2000 and I was in a frozen yogurt shop, about to leave when I happened to hear it playing on the radio. I literally froze in my tracks and stood in place until the song finished. I don't know what it was about that song--Yolanda's voice, the lyrics, soothing instrumentation--but it just put me in a trance. I'm revisiting it now because I've hit a road block in relating to God and this offers such a poignant directive on how to get closer to my Savior and Lord.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Ms. Yolanda has such a beautiful voice. Her music has helped so many people get through their trials.

    I hope you don't have any problems from the storm. I'll leave you with two of my recent Yolanda favorites, "Be Blessed" and "This Too Shall Pass". Take care.

  2. Thanks, lady! The storm dissipated so we're only expecting rain late tonight--praise God!

    And yes, Yolanda Adams' voice has definitely been anointed to encourage and uplift. Those selections are awesome and I appreciate your sharing them with me. :o) Two that helped me through down times in college was "In the Midst of it All" and "The Battle is the Lord's"!