Friday, February 10, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Via (acoustic)

Yes, yes, y'all--it's FRIIIIIDAY! It's been a tiring stretch for me plus I have to work this weekend. *sigh*  So my week isn't technically over yet.  But thank God for another Friday, all the same.

Earlier in the week, I was blessed to Tumbl upon Level 3:16--thanks SALTY! Once again, another artist that has me wondering where the heck I've been. SMH  I really need to step my music game up... y'all pray for me!

Anyway, my ears were titillated by the awesomeness of this week's chune. Why?  Simply put--raw talent!  Apparently, this is the stripped-down version of a studio track with plenty of bass and background 'noise', but I'm so glad I heard this one first.  These kids (Are they kids? They look 'youthful'...) are truly anointed as their music flows effortlessly from within. Legit spttin' over the guitar and those vocals are insane!! Luv, love, LOVE IT!  Makes me wanna join a band and sing my sanctified butt off! LOL  But I'll leave it to them... for now. :o)

Be blessed,

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  1. Very nice. I'm getting an Arrested Development vibe from them, and the first rapper reminds of the guy from Black Eye Peas. Have a good weekend!