Friday, March 09, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Get to Know Ya

Happy Friday once again, fam--sorry for the delay!  This week was definitely an emotional roller-coaster for me as I had to deal with some feelings from the past that I never thought I would have to face again.  Speaking to an old friend led to a conversation in which they asked me about something that happened a LONG time ago, and that completely floored me.  I had no clue they felt a certain way after so many years and them just throwing it at me out of the blue was something I never saw coming.  The funny thing is that I'm so glad they did finally come to me about it because it opened the door for reconciliation... until I realized that I had some unresolved feelings of my own. *sigh*  This episode has the potential to be quite epic so I'm over-thinking the whole scenario [as usual] and praying for God to work things out for the best--salvation for that person.  I hope I don't mess things up...

Along with old feelings came old chunes because I had to go back and listen to songs from the soundtrack of my life that were in heavy rotation at the time.  Came across some vintage Tamia [I wore that album OUT!], Monica, Eric Benet, 112, and the like.  If none of these names sound even remotely familiar then you just weren't feeling neo-soul/R&B of the late 90s-early-2000 era.

Today's chune is one of my all-time faves from my trip down memory lane.  Not because I was ever into Maxwell as an artist, but something about this particular track just gets me in a groove every time!  That bass line is ferocious and the blaring brass in the background adds undeniable funk.  Truth be told, I enjoy the song just as well without Maxwell's vocals--the production is just that fierce!

get your weekend bounce on to dis!

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  1. Oh yes, Maxwell. Ascension was my jam. I read somewhere that Tamia is coming out with new material. Take care.