Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lord, is that You??

I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to throw things to the winds of coincidence; I prefer to subscribe to the literal omnipotence of God.  So when I come in contact with a certain concept/experience several times within a certain period of time, I take it as a word from the Holy Spirit to my own.  For example, I would go to church and the sermon focused on a certain topic.  Then the same topic would come up randomly in a convo with someone who wasn't in church to hear the sermon.  Or, I would hear a related song on the radio or come across similar content online.  This happened in the months leading up to my first trip to Africa.  I would hear and see 'random' things related to my destination country to the point where I was convinced the planets had aligned to herald my pilgrimage to the Motherland. Something like that is what I've heard some call confirmation: essentially, God trying to get a certain point across by repeated exposure in any and all forms.

Interestingly enough, I've come across two particular instances of [what I would normally call] confirmation in the last 36 hours, all completely online:  intimacy and interracial relationships.  Yeah, I'm kinda freakin' out a little too...  The instances of intimacy started with a comment that I made on a friend's status on Facebook about intimacy being the foundation of God's intention for sex within marriage.  Shortly after, I stumble onto [yet another] new relationship advice web presence for single women--Finding Soulmate Success.  So, I'm perusing the site when the heading of a piece looked vaguely familiar... How to Restore Your Intimacy. *arf?* I didn't read the article but took a mental note, gave my computer the side-eye, and kept it moving.  Now, today, back on Facebook, another friend liked a post that made me do a double-take because it was highlighting what intimacy wasn't [sex] and was.  At this point, I'm wondering what the heck is really going on because right about now, I'm not in any relationship to apply said intimacy... unless you consider my relationship with Jesus.

Next up is the one that I found especially amusing.  In poking around the Finding Soulmate Success site, I decided to do the mandatory due diligence on its author, Ronn Elmore, PsyD.  One of his books caught my eye--How to Love a Black Man--so I did a web search on that.  Somehow, one of the results was a website devoted to interracial dating; specifically white men with black women... not sure how that happened but my interest was piqued so I looked around to see what people had to say.  I ended up reading comments about an interview with Robin Thicke on his relationship with Paula Patton.  After that, it was back over to--you guessed it--Facebook where things really got interesting.  One of my girlfriends posted about a movie she recently saw and liked, and tagged me in it.  Guess what it was about... Yup! A black woman falling in love with a white man... Starting to notice a pattern here?  *raised eyebrow*  So I message her asking why I was the only name she tagged and her response was fairly innocent.  But when I told her why I wanted to know, she joked with me that it was a sign that I needed to be more open-minded about finding my soulmate.  Well, I can honestly say that I've never dated a white man simply because, up to this point, one has never approached me.  (I was wrapped up with a bi-racial dude for a while... does that count?)  But real talk, aside from celebrity eye candy or a cute face on the street, there has never been a white guy that I have been genuinely attracted to like that.  Add my African heritage mindset plus my natural preference for 'dark chocolate' even among black men and I think you see where I'm going.  And then there's the socio-cultural disparity that would exist with me dating a white guy... I dunno if God is tryna give me a heads-up or what. 

Welp, at this point, I have anything but confirmation on the happenings above, but thanks for coming along with me for the crazy ride.  It will be interesting to see if anything significant comes of these... it it does, trust me when I say you'll hear it from me!  *sigh*  Never a dull moment...

be blessed,

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