Wednesday, March 21, 2012


God may not give us what we want, but He always provides what we need. #truestory

I finally got back on the zumba wagon--yeaaahhh boooiiiii!!--in hopes of getting myself in [some sort of] shape for my dreaded 30th birthday.  And the fact that I'm gonna be reconnecting with an 'old friend' even before my birthday is beside the point... more on that later.

This week, I went to zumba and found out that my usual instructor wasn't there but I knew the person who was substituting.  My heart kinda sank because the sub isn't as 'upbeat' as the regular (who is awesome in EVERY way and has spoiled me for any other zumba experience).  Her style is really mellow and I'm thinking, "Mellow ain't gonna cut it when I need to burn off these rolls as many calories as possible!"  But I had already gotten dressed and I figured it was an opportunity to get something done, so I went ahead to the class.

After the warm-up, I grabbed my bottle to head to the water fountain when the desk attendant informed me that the water was out at the moment. o_o  Well that was the worst!  So I went back into the studio consciously aware of the fact that I needed to fall back for the rest of the class to avoid overheating with no way to hydrate myself.  That wasn't gonna be too much of a problem since I had the mellow instructor that day...

And then it hit me: God actually did me a favor.  He knew that there would be no water at the gym, and worked it out so that my usual instructor wouldn't be able to make it.  Had she been there in all her bouncy, bodacious glory, I'm quite sure I would've been carried out of the studio on a stretcher for trying to keep up with her.  But in His infinite wisdom and caring, the Lord sent "Miss mellow" to keep things low-key enough for me to burn some calories without collapsing from internal combustion.

It may seem trivial, and even sheer coincidence to some, but I'm convinced that God used this opportunity to remind me of something that I already knew.  I may want something really, REALLY badly but having it may be detrimental.  Yet, what He sends my way is exactly what is best for me at that time and place.  *sigh*   Gotta love the way God uses  even the most mundane occurrences of life to get His point across.  Well played, Lord... well, played!

be blessed,

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