Friday, April 13, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: He Can Love You More

Happy Friday once again!  I had a busy week with some special events going on at work, but all's well that ends well. :o)  I think it's especially fitting to end the week with a special reminder.

There's always a lotta hype in the air surrounding the word 'love' and I've just barely begun to scratch the surface on that... but Lisa McClendon points us in the right direction with a song that asks a rhetorical question: Who Can Love You More [than God]?  Well... Got a list of names, yet?  Yeah, me neither.

And as a nod to the one who loves me the mostest *smile*, He directed me to this song at a time when I really needed it.  This was like a surprise bouquet of flowers for my ears and I'm sharing it with you--particularly if you're a single, Christian woman wondering if God has left you by the wayside in your blissful state of singleness.  Savor this for all it's worth as Lisa puts it down, Jill Scott-style.

Stay blessed,


  1. Hola. My Easter was nice and quiet.

    This lady has a beautiful voice. I'm off to listen to her other songs. Take care.

  2. YESSS! Lisa McClendon is the poster child for neo-soul gospel and I'm so glad that I can get Jill Scott/Angie Stone/India.Arie-quality music with Christian lyrics! Glad you like. :o)