Friday, April 20, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Outta Control

Happy Friday once again!  I had an "OK" week--except for a pseudo-anxiety attack about starting the next decade of my life--but all's well that ends well. :o)  I think it's especially fitting to end the week on a high note.... and Tyshan Knight has a couple of those in this chune right heah!  The production is top-notch, thanks to Higher Intel Music, and the vocals give you that authentic R&B feel; but what I love the most is the 'feel-good-bounce/nod-ya-head/it's-Friday-heeeey' vibe that just drips off of this track.  My only complaint is that the song is too short--but then it's a FREE download directly from the H.I.M. site, so I can't get mad about nuthin' for this song!

So when I feel like things are getting outta control before my big birthday, I'll just pull this up on my iPod, bang it through some headphones, and bounce my cares away! Enjoy!

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