Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fling Chune... Sunday(?): Wanna Be Lov'd

I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far.  My apologies for not flingin' a chune on Friday... I wasn't feeling any particular songs earlier in the week, plus I was just emotionally drained.  Normally, music is my picker-upper but I was feeling just a bit too bummy to get musically inspired (yeah, it was that serious).  So now you know part of the reason why my heart and mind are all over the place, but on top of all that, my car has been down for a while, I'm trying to make some advances in my career, and I've been sleep-deprived.  Yeah.... but God is still good, cuz things could be worse.  #truestory

Things weren't completely downhill, though.  This week, I've had some especially intriguing interactions with DarkRyderSouth on YouTube about Christian dating, interracial relationships and God's involvement in both.  He was kind enough to make some response vids on some questions/remarks that I posted so definitely check them out--great insights to consider.

So, in keeping with the vibes flowing this week, I found a chune that seems to fit the bill.  I'm not to familiar with the duo Benjah and Dillavou, but my best stab at describing their flow would be "King California reggae".  That's not an official genre, per se, but I think it fits because there is an unmistakeable reggae flava with "the King's" [Christian] lyrical content.  But there's something in there that I can't quite put my finger on, yet seems a bit "duuuude!" to me.  Maybe it's the obvious--that they're both white boys?  I dunno, but I took a liking to Wanna Be Lov'd; first because the title caught my eye but then because the topic of Christian romance is offered from a male (and Biblical) point of view.  It's far from a Scriptural treatise but I never pass up an opportunity to hear what brothers in Christ have to say. Take a listen for yourself:


  1. I'm getting a Matisyahu vibe. Thanks for sharing :).

  2. Yeap... I can hear that, too. Plus, Matisyahu is more into the rapid-fire chanting vibe. :o) You're always welcome!