Sunday, May 06, 2012

what's in a kiss?

*writer's note* This isn't me tryna be a romance novelist.  I happened to see something that just inspired me to capture and share.

This is the first time I’ve ever [almost] walked in on a couple.  I was on my way to a room with a glass door, inside which they were nestled behind fixtures that they thought were sheltering them from the outside world. But for a second before I pulled the door open, I saw a young man’s profile through a slit between the fixtures--and I instantly knew.

His eyes were closed and his head was gently nodding in agreement with the face of the young woman whose lips were connected to his.  She came into view as I got right up to the door; standing against him while he was seated.  Both completely enraptured in that moment of everything that kisses are made of.  

It was tender; sweet; innocent.  Between movies and real life, I don’t think I’ve ever been on the outside looking in on a moment of such pure--in the purest sense of the word--emotional expression.  I think I may have even smiled to myself because it brought to mind a scene from the video for Musiq Soulchild’s Love. Some teens were sitting at the bottom of a staircase exchanging what could possibly have been the first kiss for both of them. You know, the kind that makes you tilt your head to the side and say “Awwww...”  

Amazingly, all of these actions, interpretations and thoughts happened in a matter of fleeting seconds so there was no willful spying on my part.  However, I gave myself just enough time to make an important decision.  Knowing that the glass door was silent in opening, I intentionally let something I was carrying bump into the frame to announce my entrance as I walked through. Of course, that was the couple’s cue to break the lock of their lips because I wanted to spare them the embarrassment of seeing me seeing them. They were noticeably flustered but still able to gain some sense of composure as I walked through the room.  And after I passed by them, I smiled broadly and rolled my eyes at the two who reminded of what a ‘young love’ kiss felt like.

I kept smiling.

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