Friday, June 29, 2012

Fling Chune [and dance!] FRIDAY: Azonto

Hey, Hey, Heyyy--it's Fridaaaay! Incidentally, the Friday before a holiday week (and some well-deserved time off).  Welp, this week got off to a harrowing start with ridiculous car trouble. I was convinced that the enemy had my number. But it's ending on a much better note since I heard a word that God is with me through the fire, and He's bringing me out as gold!  I just can't wait to see my SHINE!

So, since I'm in such a celebratory mood, I say we bust a move! Enter the hottest dance craze to sweep the continent--Africa, that is.  Who knows how to do the azonto??  It's kinda like the "Dougie" from Ghana, with it's own theme song and errythang.  I just got turned on to it last week and I am officially HYPE!  Tryna learn it even though I don't exactly have a lineup of West African parties to go to. LOL  But I'm determined to find some way to do the azonto in public with others who know it... wish me luck! :oP

In the meantime, enjoy!


  1. Ok. I have my homework for the weekend:). I kept seeing a BBC report on this while I was on vacation. It really is the hottest thing out now. I'm leaving the link for the report. It was very interesting. Take care.

  2. Yes, gyul--tis dat self mek me look it up! :oP And when BBC reports, you know it's legit...