Friday, June 01, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Calling You

Welp, it's Friday once again--can I get a "halleluyerr"?! LOL  I bet you couldn't tell what my fave day of the week is... ;o)  This week was short--thankfully--and pretty much uneventful. That actually doesn't bother me, though. I saw The Avengers and Battleship over the long weekend so that was my fill of entertainment.

Right now, I got a real banger to fling your way (yes, you're welcome in advance)! This is probably the only time you will ever get a reference to 'C-Breezy' or 'Beebs' from me, but this week's chune definitely has that kinda modern-pop vibe to it.  Jai rocks autotune hard in Calling You, but I actually think it works for this particular track. The lyrics aren't profound--the whole "bag of chips"...really?--but if you strip the boom-bap, you can hear genuine adoration for God. And how could I forget: a guest verse from Lecrae is always legit! #unashamed

So I hope this gets your Friday bouncin' to the right beat! Enjoy and be blessed.



  1. Hola. For some reason I can't play this. There is a / like this across the player? Hope all is well.

  2. I'm blessed, girl. How bout you? :o) Here's an alternate link--hope this works