Tuesday, May 29, 2012

relationship(s) with God, exposited: a series

exposit [ik-spoz-it] - to expound; i.e. "chop it up"

My intent is to look at salvation for what it really is should be: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, there are varying types of interpersonal relationships and I hope to describe how God is found in each one.

So this series will comprise the following relationships:
  • savior-sinner
  • parent-child
  • spouse-spouse
Stay tuned, everybody... this should be good! ;o)

addendum, 6/2/12: The idea for this series came about as I was mulling over ways to share my faith with others.  I've never been the Bible-thumping, "Ya need Jesus!!" kinda person so my personal approach has usually been using real-life examples in one-on-one conversations.  I can't say that I've won a lot of souls that way, but I think that non-Christians are generally turned off by their foreign perceptions of Jesus.  By the end of this series, my hope is to have generated sincere, and thought-provoking dialogues that anyone can relate to.  Forming new relationships with God is the ultimate goal.


  1. Ok. I'm going to get comfy while I wait :)

  2. Girl, no need to "get" comfy... you're like fam 'round here!