Friday, June 22, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Cash or Christ [Fanatics]

Hey errybody! Ready for the weekend?  I surely am [when am I NOT?]! LOL  This week was fairly interesting, as I mentioned earlier.  I'm still chatting it up with the one guy but I'm thinking he needs to fall back just a tad... last night he asked me for my number and I politely declined.  Why?  One reason is sensible and the other is superficial...

sensible: I just met you online and I don't "know" you like that.

superficial: *in my mind* Ummm, he's 4 inches shorter than me. It shouldn't matter since this is just convo, but still...

Meanwhile, in real life: *crickets chirping* O_o

Anyways, this week's chune continues in the vein of my superficial-ness, somewhat.  No major spiritual revelation occurred while I was listening... I just thought the sound was plain-out WICKED!!!  Being the musical connoisseur that I am, I enjoy all aspects of 'ear candy', and Cash or Christ definitely tickled my auditory fancy.

I've never been a fan of heavy metal/grunge rock, but I consider myself musically mature enough to appreciate when something sounds good--regardless of my personal preferences. What's really cool about this chune is that the producers/sound engineers behind 116 Clique had an ingenious idea and executed it flawlessly: take hip-hop songs, strip the boom-bap and lay the vocals over hard rock tracks. The result?  Pure auditory awesomesauce [FYI, this is off an album like that called Amped]!!  I love the fusion of musical genres and this is as delicious as it gets. Please believe that yo' girl is wildin' out to this head-banger! Enjoy!

be blessed!

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