Monday, June 18, 2012

Ayy! You talkin' to me?

Umm, what is really going on here? Did my 'cyber milkshake' just get all the way turned up without my knowledge?!  I've been approached by 3 random guys on FB in less than a week.  I mean yeah, it's just FB, but still... Why don't guys come at me in REAL LIFE?!! :o/  The timing is kinda interesting, though, because while making my "30th Year Bucket List", one of my latest entries was to develop at least one good platonic friendship with a guy.  Just today, I watched a video claiming that it's dang near impossible, but I'm an idealist at heart (in a realistic kinda way). *shrug*

One that I met in a Christian group says he's saved, active in his church and re-committed to abstinence until marriage. He's apparently a couple inches shorter than I am but the convo has been great; and I'm getting the vibe that he kinda likes me. 

Another messaged me out of the clear blue, and says he's a business owner and former professional athlete. I didn't really tell him about myself after just one convo cuz I was too busy trying to get him to tell me why he decided to talk to me in the first place. I ended it in an 'open ended' fashion, so I'll see what happens if he decides to pick up where things left off.

The last one is connected to a Christian couple that I was in a small group with. But he just upped and sent me a friend request... Never seen him before in my life (or if I did, I just don't remember).
*sigh*  Welp, either way this should be interesting... And feel free to chime in.  I'd love to hear what you think.

stay blessed,