Friday, June 15, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Why Me?

TGIF, once again! This was a kinda-sorta long week for me.  A family confrontation went down and the aftermath has yet to completely surface; but when it does, it ain't gonna be pretty. *sigh*  Only God knows why He allows these kinds of things to happen between people who share DNA (not by choice, but it's whatever).

Anyways, I got another Pandora gem to fling today--this one is from gospel sweetheart Kierra Sheard. Why Me? caught me with the beat but sucked me in with the message.  When I step back and think about the fact that God loved me before I was even me, it kinda blew my mind a little.  This song reiterated a post on Tumblr that was every bit of the truth for me: the feeling of being in love with/loved by a mere man gets blown outta the water by the magnitude of of God's love for me.  #nocontest

So enjoy your weekend as you bob your head to this!

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  1. God's love is so good he will bless your man just because you asked him to.