Friday, August 03, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY - Jesus

Wassup everybody?  How was your week?  Mine was slightly unnerving after suddenly finding out something about a co-worker. *sigh*  But life goes on...

Today's chune is simple and straight to the point: calling on the name of JESUS. There's nothing better than knowing the power that comes with it!  Debra Killings' rendition caught my ear the first time I heard it because of the bass on the track--literally.  This chick plays the bass guitar; naw, actually she murders it!  This song is mellow and allows you to take it all in while meditating on that name, but there's no ignoring the deep bass tones throughout. Oh yeah, and she can sang, too!

So go ahead and enjoy this urban worship groove to proclaim the name of JESUS!

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