Friday, September 07, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY - Tell the World

Hey, hey, heeeeey!  Praise the Lord for the end of another week, albeit a short one.  Life has been nothing less than off the chain for me, lately... but at least I'm still alive.

I know I missed sharing a couple of chunes for the last few weeks, but I'ma make up for it today!  If you haven't heard the buzz in the world of [Holy] Hip-Hop, you're about to hear it right now: Gravity by Lecrae dropped earlier this week and it is FIRE!  Here's a taste of the hotness, sharing the mic with Mali Music.

Enjoy and be blessed!


  1. Yes! I am loving Gravity. Today "Buttons" is my favorite song - I am sure that will change soon since I have the CD on repeat.

  2. Tia - "Crayola" fans are always welcome here! :o) I havent' gotten the CD yet... I like to pick individual tracks from iTunes, tho. God bless!