Friday, September 14, 2012

Fling "LAUGH" Friday: Things Black Folks Say At A Funeral Part 2

What's good, everybody?  I know that Friday is almost gone, but I had to slide a lil sumthin' up in here for ya! Most of my content, as of late, has been limited to chunes but don't worry--this isn't slowly turning into a music blog.  With all the crazyness going on in my life, I haven't had time to finish up the draft posts that are waiting for me to complete but I hope to get them out soon.

So, just to shake things up a bit, there will be no chune today. *booooo, hissss*  Yeah, I know you're disappointed, but check it--I got jokes instead. Literally.  I gon' fling summa dat medicine fo yuh soul a.k.a. laughter.

Gospel singer Lexi is just outta control!  She recently ventured out into comedy and the girl is fire...this is one of her first ones but if you like this, def check out her channel (from the vid).

Happy laughing,

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