Friday, October 05, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY - Window

Hey, Hey, HEEEEY!  Praise God for yet another Friday!  I hope everybody had a blessed week.  Mine started off on a less-than-ideal note, but I now know that I'm linking up with some girlfriends from college soon. So that made up for everything crappy.

Today's chune is one of inspiration. It's even, dare I say, prophetic (cuz I'm preaching to myself)!  Canton Jones, one of the OG's of "rhythm & praise", uses this song to declare God's goodness over our lives in the form of a window... Could be blessings, opportunities, favor, anything in that vein.  And--like the proper church girl I was raised to be--receive it all in Jesus' name.  Go ahead and do the same for yourself! :o)


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