Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"wifey material", part deux

Yes, I know I wrote on this already, but as a single, Christian woman, this topic will stay on heavy rotation here until I get married, so yeah... If you're tired of reading my rants, PRAY for God to get my hubby to me quick, fast, and in a hurry!

So I was watching a message by Bishop T. D. Jakes when the following statement stopped me in my tracks: "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.  He who finds a wife, finds a good thing..."  Not a woman with wifey material or who will be given wifey status.... Any man can find a woman but the 'good thing' comes in finding A WIFE!  As in this woman is found already in the state of wifeliness (yes, there's a red line under the word... you know what I mean).

wait....... what?!!
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Well, whaddya know?!  All this time, I've been thinking that dude had to find me first, and then the magic of matrimony would help me magically transform myself into the mythical "P31 Woman". :facepalm:  CLEARLY, I was mistaken about the order of the universe and my intended role in it because apparently I gotta be bout dat life before hubby even shows up!  Talk about a game changer...

OK, so now what do I do??!  Simple--just start being a wife. Right. -_-  For real tho, Bishop Jakes was using this example to demonstrate how faith works.  You know... the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (also the scripture that people like me spit from memory and have no freakin' clue what it actually means! #truestory). So the saying "fake it 'til ya make it" is the closest thing to being truth, in this case.  I have to carry myself as if I already got a ring on it... NOW!  Do I have a user manual for that? Heck naw, so I guess I gotta be 'creative'. 

I haven't really figured out what that's gonna look like for me, but I'll be sure to blog about it when I do.  Are there any women reading this now who have adopted a similar strategy?  Care to share notes on what you've done or what you're doing now? What worked and what didn't?  I am SO open to hearing what y'all have to say so don't hold back!

be blessed,

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