Friday, October 11, 2013

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Abide

It's been LONG overdue.... but FCF is baaaaaaack!!! Can't promise a new chune every Friday, but you guys have been more than patient--I appreciate y'all!

So with no further ado long talkin', this week we're hearing from Rhythm-n-Praise artist Lexi. Lemme just say that if the music thing doesn't work out for her at some point, she can def make it in show-business.  I mean, her church-themed comedy sketches are mad hilarious and she also has a talk show... but sista gurl can blow, too!

This chune, Abide, became one of my instant faves because of the way it just rolls off the ear.  Lyrically, it's a worship song but musically, it got stank with a tinge of classic Motown R&B. Just lurrrve the vibe! Anyway, time for you to enjoy summa dis heah!

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