Friday, June 24, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAAAAAY: Gata Brasileira

I first heard this song in my Zumba class and had an instant world music-flavored amorous experience! It's called Gata Brasileira which loosely translates to "Brazilian chick" in Portuguese. Though I've scoured iTunes and other web music stores for about a year, I have yet to get my hands on this joint! *le sigh*

So far, I've seen two names credited as the artist--Dr. Cevada and Axé Bahia--but I'm inclined to go with the former for 2 reasons:
  1. There's one vocalist, and one rapper, but no group or even backup vocals that would indicate a multi-member ensemble
  2. It turns out that Axé is also a genre of Afro-Brazilian music, most likely the one that applies to this song
Apparently this Dr. Cevada person was a one-hit-wonder because I can't find any Wikipedia page legit sources on him--no album title, no other tracks, no photo... NADA! If you know who this artist is or where I can purchase this joint, PLEASE hook a sista up! 

Well, Dr. Cevada if you're real and you happen to read this, just know that I think your song is!!

Have a blessed weekend, errybody!

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