Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can I gloat...just a little??

Recently, I witnessed a rather unfortunate situation befall someone that I don't particularly care for.  This person did me wrong in the past and I felt that I had forgiven them--once I didn't have to come in contact with them, I was cool. That's what I liked to call the "love them from a distance" approach. The only problem with that technique is that it's conditional, and therefore not in line with the love chapter. But that's not the direction I'm going in today; rather, it's an offshoot of that thoroughfare. So try and follow me on this logic:

If I A.) say I'm a Christian, then I should must love my neighbor (i.e. all massive and crew; everybody and they cousin) as I love myself; because that is the greatest commandment. If I B.) love everyone like I love myself, I wouldn't be be happy when something bad happened to them because I wouldn't be happy if something bad happened to me. Ergo--it's a shame that I have to look for reasons to incorporate a dead language into my writing--C.) If I am a Christian, I shouldn't be happy when something bad happens to someone. Clear as mud, right? OK, moving right along...

But is there no way for me to feel justified that this person got what they deserved? In all honesty, they had it coming because I wasn't the only person they willfully wronged in this life. And it's not like I prayed to God for them to receive a nice, steaming pile of karma or even tried to take matters into my own hands. He already said that He's got it covered so all I had to do is sit back and watch. But could I rightfully enjoy what I was witnessing? I tried, but I couldn't find anything in the Word to support that notion (but if you know of any Scriptures that do, PLEASE let me know...no, seriously).

So, I'll just chalk it up to this: flesh.  Gloating would be one of many emotions inherent in humans as a result of our sinful nature that requires a good ol' cleansing. Looking to Jesus as the ultimate example of how we should act (as His disciples), He said we need to forgive a wrongdoer up to 77 times (and then some). And He didn't just say it--He did it... while dying on a cross! #streetcred  This makes me think that it's pretty much impossible to want to gloat over someone if I'm busy trying to forgive them, and even love them. *sigh*  At this point, I give up--no gloating for me.

I appreciate your bearing with me as I thought through this out loud. It's now obvious to me that gloating is simply a manifestation of unforgiveness, and that is NOT an option for a true child of God. After all, He forgave us first and not extending the same to our neighbors puts us in the same situation illustrated by the parable of the unmerciful servant. God forbid that be me (if it isn't already)! So I'll just pray for that person and their situation, as I have done already, that this would bring them to the Lord in salvation. And I'll also be sure to pray for God's grace to stop reveling in the suffering--no matter how well-deserved--of another.

Y'all, please pray for me on this one... I'm gonna need it!

Thanks, and be blessed!

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