Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: God is Enough

Happy Friday!! :o) Praise God for the end of another work week!

This past week, I was doing lot of reflecting on my life. As I'm staring down the barrel of my 30th birthday, I started thinking about where I thought I would 'be' by now... goals, timelines, dreams, accomplishments, and the like. The funny thing is that pretty much nothing has turned out the way I planned when I started forecasting my adult life back in high school.  I didn't end up in the career I thought I would, I'm not settled down in a loving marriage (with at least one child), HECK--I haven't even figured out my purpose in life!

But despite my feelings of disappointment and failure in myself, this chune reminded me of something crucial. I could go down a whole checklist of things that I haven't crossed off by the time I planned... but I have a personal relationship with Jesus--and HE is all I need. Every day I'm blessed with life, I'm accepting that it's all about His perfect plan for my life and--whether or not I understand--He is guiding my every step with His loving hands.

So as you're doing the 'office chair bounce' to this big chune, know that it doesn't matter what you don't have--God is always [more than] enough!

Have a blessed weekend,


  1. Well now, that one sure was a toe tapper :). Nice chune.
    I've heard it said that God listens to our plans for our life and laughs. I hope you had/have a great birthday.

  2. Yes, yes y'all--this is a banger right here!!

    And OtC: I know God has been getting high-quality comic relief at my expense! LOL My big day isn't for a few months, but thanks in advance. :o)