Friday, September 23, 2011

Fling Chune Friday: Can You Reach My Friend?

Happy Friday! The week has been cool--ending kinda busy, plus I have to work this weekend (boo!) But God is still God in the midst of it all.

This week's chune is just TOO perfect for words, considering what's been going on with me as of late. Last week, I was struggling with lust and a few weeks before that, I had a serious "case of the ex"... Surprise, surprise--that's no coincidence! We're just friends, and none of our interactions have been inappropriate, but that old flame is still there. Why don't I just go cold turkey and cut things off? I know it's probably the safest course of action but aside from my own selfish reasons I sincerely would like to see him come to Christ. Since we broke up, I prayed that he would get saved--at first, in hopes that we could then get back together--but my spiritual maturity has brought me to the point where I just want his soul to benefit from the salvation of Jesus.

I resurrected this 90s-era ballad by Helen Baylor because she essentially sings the prayer of my heart concerning my ex-boyfriend. Even if I'm not the one to lead him to the Lord, I still want him to experience TRUE love the way only God can bring it.

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