Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confessions of a glossy-lipped Christian

A couple of years ago when all the tweens were possessed by a lip gloss craze, I scoffed and thought 'how juvenile'.  It was things like colorful tubes of Lip Smackers that drew my disdain [not the brand, but the teeny-bopper image that surrounded it]. Little did I know that I would eventually cave in and drink that Kool-Aid (with the evidence on my lips to prove it)!

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Don't get me wrong, I've never been a hater of lip gloss.  In fact, I recall wearing it in high school and sometimes in college.  But I graduated to lipstick for special events and would only top it off with gloss for shine.  It was while in college that I started hearing all the hype about MAC lip glass but I wasn't buying it--literally.  I mean, I was on financial aid and sho nuff didn't have $14 to waste spend on one tube of lippy.  But one day I felt like splurging and my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to get the shade Oh, Baby.... aaaand, that was it! My lips loved it and so did I.  So guess what got added to my 'can't-live-without' list. ;o)  

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Now, I'm being a bit more frugal mature about my spending and searching for comparable quality at lower prices, and I've happily settled on 2 gloss brands for the time being: Milani and Rimmel.  For the latter, I've fallen in love with the Stay Glossy line with my recent  intro to the shade All Day Seduction (coral shimmer).  There's no fruity scent--it's actually rather dull-smelling--but the quality makes up for that.  It has lots of shine but isn't very pigmented so several coats are needed to get full color.  And here's the kicker: it's only $5!  I'd say I did very well for myself so now I'm sharing the wealth with you all. :o)

I don't consider myself a 'gloss-ista' in the least, but my face feels completely naked without having something on my lips--even clear shea butter lip balm, if nothing else. Something about smooth, shiny lips just makes me feel 'girlie', in a sense.  I only wear skirts to church or other special occasions, high heels don't make my feet happy, and my daily makeup regimen is minimal: foundation, eyebrow touch-up and liner in the corners...maybe mascara if I'm feelin' fancy.  So when I get to accentuate a positive feature with something as 'neutral' as lip gloss, I feel like my feminine side gets a much-needed boost.

As a Christian woman, I find it challenging to turn on my girlie swag without being provocative.  Fashion trends usually cater to the modelesque [read "size 2" girls], and don't take religion/morality into consideration.  So my usual shopping trip requires overlooking low-cut tops and skin-tight/short-short bottoms in favor of something modest--but still cute.  Always a challenge because I'm not tryna make things any harder for my brothers in Christ! [Yeah, I said it!]  And then there's the fact that that I'm far from skinny, so "skinny jeans" present an oxymoron for me... but praise the Lord for some lip gloss! 

To the ladies: Any favorite lippy brands that you'd like to share?  Any other tips or ideas for Christian feminine expressions?

To the fellas [who actually read this far!]: What are some clothing, accessories or other accentuations that catch your eye on a lady of God?

Can't wait to hear back!


  1. I feel very feminine when I do my nails. I find that I feel pretty when I have a great manicure.
    You know I'm still experimenting with the lip stick/lip gloss thing. So far my favorite lip gloss has been from Laura Mercier,
    and lipsticks have been from Chanel and MAC.

  2. Otc - Girrrrl, I've been meaning to get a gel polish manicure for the LONGEST. Wanted to treat myself to one for Christmas but medical and car issues took priority. I will, one day... and I'll post a pic for your review. :o)