Tuesday, December 20, 2011


...will make you have some off-the-wall dreams! I can't even begin to understand what's been going through my sub-conscious mind in the last few days.  Then again, I think 'hallucinations' was listed among the possible side-effects... Nice! :o/

Like, in one of them, I had an awesomely interesting exchange with a [straight] man about natural hair (I know, right?).  It happened to be with none other than 'sjsafety18' on YouTube, so that shouldn't be surprising but still...  Is the dream a sign of some suppressed desire to get some luv from the bruthas about my non-relaxed hair?  Maybe.  Or it could just be the drugs talkin'.

And then, in another, it was like I was watching an international spy movie thriller--except that I was in it. That one is kinda foggy so I don't remember if I was an undercover agent or an innocent bystanding victim of the unfolding espionage. *Kanye shrug* Probably just means that I need to hurry up and go see Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. :o)

Disclaimer: This post was not written under the influence of prescription drugs... or maybe it was... I dunno. *scratches head*  Ummm, what day is it??

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