Friday, December 23, 2011

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Mama Bake Yuh Johnny Cake!

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Welp, it's the last Friday before Christmas!! Got all your shopping done? Ask me if I did any this year... barely. I've refused to subject myself to the commercial counterfeit that contemporary holidays have become. What does that translate to? It simply means that I prefer to focus on the spiritual significance of a day such as this. I'm asking myself, "What gift am I gonna give Jesus this year?" Is that something you've thought about?

Anywhooo, on with the chune! Dis one yah is the U.S. Virgin Islands' official Christmas anthem: Mama Bake Yuh Johnny Cake. It's done in the style of a local folk music genre called quelbe--think the Caribbean cousin of bluegrass. Enjoy. ;o)

So, I bid all of thee a joyous and fulfilling Christmas this Sunday! God bless.

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