Friday, July 06, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: City Gates Riddim Mix

Hap-Hap-Happy Friday and belated [Virgin Islands] Emancipation and [American] Independence Days!!  Both days were holidays here in the VI, and I did absolutely nothing with my time off.  Exactly.

Well, no that's not true. I was able to find some delicious gospel reggae music and I'm still licking my lips!  Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with Caribbean Christian music for the last couple of months but discovering this riddim was a great re-introduction to the scene.

It's mellow and deep, somewhat in the same vein as the dropleaf and archangel riddims.  And I am so feeling this mix--not only for the seamless transitions between tracks (big ups to the DJ!), but because every artist riding this riddim is hot!  You know, like having to skip a couple of songs because the artist just didn't do it justice... NOT on this mix.

'Nuff long talking! Enjoy as you enter into the "City Gates". :o)


  1. You were right. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. Where do you find this stuff? Are they VI peeps.

  2. As always, you're quite welcome, OtC! I normally visit and check out their new releases/recommendations. I'd recommend you go there and look for the Street Light Mixtape (vols 1-5) by DJ Frost... some DUTTY riddim mix, gyul! Otherwise, searching on YouTube for "gospel reggae" or "gospel riddim" is the next best thing. I think the DJ is Jamaican but I have no idea where the artists are from--never heard of any of them but they sound legit!