Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fling Chune FRIDAY: Hands High

My sincere apologies to everybody for being a day late... the dollar is in the mail. ;o)  I hope everybody had a fantastic week.  Mine was 'aight', nothing new or noteworthy to report.  So with no further ado, leh we fling sum chuuuuune!

I've been trying to play catch-up on my music; mostly via podcasted radio shows and Pandora.  I have a 90s R&B station on the latter that just transports me back to my care-free days of being a teen--LOVE IT!  On iTunes, I'm subscribed to the HolyCulture/RapFest Radio podcast and that feeds my need for hype and holy sounds.  That's where I heard this week's chune that also happens to be a sample from the late 90s banger by Busta Rhymes, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.  Andy Mineo, the Christian artist who re-made it into Hands High has this webisode project called "Saturday Morning Car-Tunez" where he's remixing "old" hip-hop hits, and you can check them out on his website:

I love stuff like this because as one who overly appreciates phat beats, the lyrics are clean--Christian, even--PLUS I can bang them just as hard as the original.  From the first couple seconds of the track, my head was bobbin' like "Whaaaaat?! That's my JAM!"  You know how that goes... LOL  Anyways, have a blast as you get ya Hands Up to this right heah!


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